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Settings for setting up your email.

Occasionally I am ask how to set up email on IPhones, IPads, Android Phones or tablets and several other phones and devices. Normally just knowing the setting is enough to go through the wizard and get it going.

Unfortunately, many who sell and set up these devices do not understand how to set email and tell the customer to call us. We can and will always give the settings, however unless it is a phone or device that we use we are at a huge dis-advantage especially when it is a new model.

1.Your email address is your user name.

2. Pop and SMTP servers are "".

3.When given the option “POP” or “IMAP” choose “IMAP” With a normal email client this is optional, however on a Phone in particular you should choose “IMAP”

3. Outgoing server (SMTP Server) needs authentication. You should use the same settings as the incoming mail server.

4. You will need to change the outgoing server (SMTP) port to "587"

5.If you choose to use “SSL” you will need to change the outgoing server (SMTP) to port 465. The incoming server should automatically change to port 995.

6.If you choose to use "SSL" you will also need to make sure that the certificate is accepted.

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