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All computers and computer components are not created equal. If a system is assembled with the least expensive parts available, it will render you poor performance and a short life. For that reason PC Technical Service recommends and furnishes only good quality components that are designed to exceed the specifications of your network and application software. Our made-to-order computers and upgrades are assembled from parts that are known to be reliable. We expect each component to be extremely durable, or PC Technical Service will not sell it to you. In addition to quality parts, our systems are neatly and professionally assembled. Upon request, our technician will remove the case and show you our work. You will not see wires and cables crammed into the case or insecurely fastened components. Before delivery, each of PC Technical Service’s computers is bench tested to 72 hours. Our systems carry 1-year parts and labor warranty from the manufacturer. At delivery you will receive all documentation and software drivers, usually on DVD, for any hardware you purchase through PC Technical Service. (We strongly urge you to obtain all DVDs and manuals for any software you purchase with or without a system. In violation of copyright law, some consultants and clone makers use their own disks and charge you for it. Pre-installed software without disks does not allow you to re install it should your system ever fail. Once PC Technical Service delivers equipment, we are not finished. Our technician will set up your system or install your upgrade to make sure it meets your specifications.

To identify the component specifications most suitable to your needs, click on How to Buy a Computer. You may also glean useful information from our Price Lists.

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