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There are numerous advantages to networking. A peer-to-peer network, consisting of two to four computers, enables a smaller office to share files and peripherals such as printers. The addition of a server centralizes all files. It also insures security. Entry to sensitive areas is limited to authorized users but non-sensitive data can have public access. As businesses grow, a server greatly simplifies backups and the management of files. For larger networks a server is a necessity. A properly set up network can simplify your use of computers.

To meet your interface requirements, PC Technical Service sets up LANs, WANs and Citrix Winframe. We supply quality equipment such as servers, switches, routers and workstations. For more detailed information regarding warranties and services included with PC Technical’s products, click on Upgrades and Custom Computers. Should you need assistance in identifying the component specifications most suitable for your network, contact our computer consultant or click on How to Buy a Computer. An example of how our technicians can also solve problems manifested by an existing network is featured below. Planning is the key to avoiding the difficulties associated with networking. Accordingly, we encourage you to enlist our consulting services so PC Technical Service may assist you in designing and implementing your network. To establish your WAN, we work with the phone company. Our technician also collaborates with software vendors to insure that your proprietary software is fully functioning. PC Technical Service will make your network a valuable business tool.

One Customer’s Networking Problems:

The office staff was sharing accounting files without a server. The machine holding the accounting files frequently crashed. Access to the accounting files and general connectivity was sporadic. Whenever a machine went down, the user could not work. The network hub was literally taped to the end of a desk, and the wires were in a heap on the floor. Poor quality computers, the absence of a server and messy wiring were responsible for this customer’s networking problems.

PC Technical’s Networking Solutions:

As space was limited, we set up an appropriate server in a back room. A 3-drive raid array was chosen for reliability. If one drive should fail, the other two will take over until it is repaired. All data was centralized on the server and user accounts set up for each employee. All workers now have access from any workstation guaranteeing uninterrupted productivity. Secondly, PC Technical cleaned up the wiring by pulling it through the floor and running it up the corner wall through channeling to a new hub. Much of the wiring had been damaged and required replacement. Subsequently, connectivity problems ceased. Lastly, the computer that had previously stored the accounting data was replaced, and all other machines were cleaned up and made reliable. If you relate to this customer’s difficulties let PC Technical solve your network problems

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Before This is an Improper Network After This is a properly done network

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