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How to FTP files to and from your Domain

Please read the following.

It is seldom PC Technical Customers ask to have ftp information, however any one who asks can get this information. Make very sure before you replace information that it is backed up somewhere else. It is easy to make mistakes. We normally take care of this as part of our Web Hosting, Design and Maintenance service.

There are two ways to use FTP. You can use internet Explorer or an FTP Client. We prefer to use an FTP client.

To use Internet Explorer:

  1. Open your internet browser

  2. Go to the address bar and enter "" Make sure you leave out the quotes, replace user_name with your user name and replace your_domain with your domain name.

  3. When you see this window, enter in your user name and password, then click on log on.
    Log in Screen

  4. If you error you will return to the log in screen.. Just try again. If you do not remember your user name and password, then click on the email us link at the bottom of this page and request your user info and we will send it to you.

  5. Once you are in you will find your web site in the public_html directory.

To use an FTP client:

  1. You will need to download and install an FTP Client. We suggest FileZilla. It is free and works very well. It can be downloaded at You do not need FileZilla Server. Just FileZilla.

  2. Now open the program. You will see a screen like this.

  3. In the address field type in your domain name, in the user field type in your user name and type your password in the password field. Leave the port blank and click on QuickConnect..

  4. Once you are in go to the right side and open the public_html directory. You are now in your site. You can navigate on the left side to anywhere on your hard drive you want to copy files to or from. You can copy and paste files or folders from one side to another.

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