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How to log on to your domain.

Please read the following.

Once you are in Control Panel you will find a lot you can do. You can add and delete email accounts, view statistics on your web site, see which seach engines refer to your site, add scripts change security and a whole host of things. However very few PC Technical customers want to go here. They usually prefer that we just take care of it. Please understand you do so at your own risk. While PC Technical Service will gladly fix any errors such as lost email or pages that will no longer work (This has happened in the past) we will need to charge our normal rate. Before you change anything please make sure you know what you are doing.

  1. Open your internet browser

  2. Go to the address bar and enter "" and press enter. Make sure you leave out the quotes and replace the "" with your domain name.

  3. When you see this window, enter in your user name and password, then press enter.
    Log in Screen

  4. If you error you will see this screen. Just try again. If you do not remember your user name and password, then click on the email us link at the bottom of this page and request your user info and we will send it to you.
    Error page

    “We make it work RIGHT”

    PC Technical Service


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