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  • How to Avoid Virus Attacks

    It is possible to set up your computer system so it will detect, quarantine and clean or delete an infected file downloaded to your system. To be thus protected from virus attacks, there are four things PC Technical Service recommends you do.

    1. Install Anti Virus Software. There are many good Anti Virus programs available. For your convenience, two possible selections are listed on Useful Links. You can also check the West Coast Labs & ICSA web sites to see which Anti Virus programs have been certified. Make your choice, install it and keep it active.

    2. Keep your Anti Virus program current. If your program is more than a year old, you may be at risk. If you install Anti Virus software but ignore it, it will quickly become obsolete. Watch for upgrades. When a newer version of your program comes out, buy it. The upgrade will intercept the newest viruses.

    3. Between upgrades, update your Virus Definitions often. New viruses are being written every day! Therefore, Anti Virus companies are updating their virus definitions frequently. PC Technical suggests you update your virus definitions twice a week. While most Anti Virus programs will update automatically, you should check to make sure it is working properly. Automatic updates have been know to fail.

    4. Scan your system weekly. Anti Virus software can only protect our computer systems if we use it regularly. If your program gives you a warning, let the software fix the problem. Follow up with a complete virus scan.

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