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  • Avoid & Eliminate Spyware

    If your computer seems to be running slower and slower, displays error messages or is displaying popup ads, it is most likely your computer is plagued with spyware. Each time an unprotected machine is on the internet it is at risk. If you like to download music, play games or install free programs your computer is at risk. Not only does spyware send information you do not want it to send, it greatly reduces the performance of your computer.

    In most cases the first 5 steps will eliminate spyware from your system and it will run much more efficiently. In some cases you may need to proceed to step 6 and in some cases even that will not work. If that is the case you will need a professional. You may also find this to be a rather lengthy process in the amount of time it takes and choose to hire a professional to do it for you.

    If you have already gone through the steps on How to Stop Pop-Up Ads, then you may skip down to step 3.

    1. To update your operating system, go to Download and install all Critical Updates and Service Packs. It is especially crucial that you download and install all Service Packs. Service packs include significant improvements as well as security updates. PC Technical suggests you turn on the automatic updates in your control panel to avoid future exposure to security problems.

    2. To add protective software and eliminate most spyware go to: You may download and install Ad Aware by Lavasoft at no charge. Ad Aware will search your entire drive and eliminate unwanted cookies and spyware whenever you run the program. However, PC Technical recommends that you purchase a registered copy of Ad Aware to obtain the added feature called Ad Watch. If Ad Watch is set up to open when Windows starts, it will work continuously to stop Pop-Up Ads and control cookies - especially tracking cookies. Ad Watch does an efficient job of eliminating unwanted cookies while preserving the valuable ones.

    3. To add additional protection and eliminate most additional spyware go to : Download and install Spybot Search and Destroy. If properly set up and run, Spybot will immunize your system against many types of spyware as well as eliminate most of what Ad aware does not find and remove.

    4. To add even more protection go to: and install SpywareBlaster. While Spyware Blaster does nothing to eliminate spyware, it goes a long way in preventing it in the first place. Make sure you update Spyware Blaster and enable all protection.

    5. Restart your system. Then rescan with Ad Aware, then Spybot Search and Destroy. If each scan comes up clean then you have successfully eliminated spyware from your system. You should rescan your system every few days at first. If it seems to stay fairly clean then every week or two. You may skip step 6 and go to Detecting and Eliminating Computer viruses.

    6. If you still have some spyware that this previous steps have not eliminated you may want to go to: and install Webroot Spy Sweeper. Webroot Spy Sweeper gives you a 30 day free trial. You may discover that Spy Sweeper will find spyware other programs will not making it well worth the $29 a year subscription. You will also want to proceed to Detecting and Eliminating Computer viruses, then return to this page and repeat all scans. If you are still having problems after that it is clear you need to hire a professional.

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