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  • How to Stop Email SPAM

    If you are receiving unwanted email containing ads for pornography, lower long distance rates, get rich quick schemes, low mortgage payments, health supplements and so forth . . . you are getting SPAM. SPAM wastes bandwidth while it downloads, and it wastes your time while you sift through it. PC Technical Service offers the following means of stopping or greatly reducing this offensive nuisance.

    1. Go to and set up an account. Thereafter, use your Sneakmail address when you shop online, go to Chat rooms or need to give an email address to someone you do not know or trust. Sneakmail will route the subsequent email to your real address, and your replies will be routed back to the sender; BUT they will never see your real email address. If you begin to get SPAM again, log in to your Sneakmail account and create a new address or create a filter. You can delete or disable the old Sneakmail address, but your real email address remains the same and uncorrupted.

    2. If your real email address is already getting SPAM, set up a new email address. Most providers are more than happy to do this for you. While this is inconvenient, this should be the last time you need to change because of SPAM.

    3. If you shop online or use chat rooms, always use a Sneakmail address. Although these are major sources of SPAM, using Sneakmail gives you control of what gets through when you shop or chat online.

    4. If you wish to receive email from selected senders of bulk mail, you will need to notify the sender of your new address. If there is any question, give them a Sneakmail address.

    5. Never post your real email address on a web page. This will always lead to SPAM. Instead use a Sneakmail address. Make sure your web site designer knows how to hide email from robots. Robots are computers that scan web sites to find email addresses to sell.

    6. If you send email to more than one recipient at a time, use the BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) function. If you do not, all your addresses are sent to every recipient. If the recipients do not use BCC, your addresses will again be forwarded to everyone on their list. Eventually, your addresses will be harvested and used or sold to solicit business via SPAM. The BCC courtesy is your opportunity to protect those in your address book from SPAM.

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    PC Technical Service


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